Data Management System

Shape your future with an advanced, ergonomic and easy to use data management system.

Our users

Data Management System (DMS)
We have developed an advanced, innovative, flexible and the easiest to use data management system mainly for clinical research (clinical studies), however, it can be used for all kind of data. It was developed in 2009, and was continuously improved, and has been used by over 1000 users of over 60 countries worldwide. Already over 25.000.000 data items were stored in the DMS. Interested? Please do contact us.

Fast and Easy
T&S innovations helps you to cut down development time for data collecting studies by providing you with a flexible study editor to create eCRFs (Electronic Case Record Forms). You can create a study in just a few clicks. As our DMS is the easiest to use data management systems, users do not need to read (long) manuals or attent courses to be able to use the system. It is so easy that everybody can use the system without any problem.

We implemented several modules for data management as for example generation of reports, download data, generate reminders to fill in data, send questionnaires etc. Unique, in such a way that everybody can use these advanced features without reading any manual.

Great Support
We also care about our customers and users. We have email support that is completely free of charge. Every user can contact us for help, questions, comments or anything else. In the data management system every page has a 'feedback’ button by which you can contact us without even leaving the DMS. T&S Innovations makes sure that you can use the system in the most efficient way, and will, if needed, support you with the design and setup of your projects. T&S Innovations can help also with the management and analysis of your data.

Create your own Study in a few clicks
You create a study and design the eCRFs (Case Record Forms) with the help of a flexible, easy to use, study editor. You divide your study in one ore more forms including possible child forms.

You can for example use the following fields in the forms (eCRFs):

Numbers. Different kind of numbers, e.g. integers (no decimals), floats (with decimals). Numbers can be entered and accessed in e.g. metric or imperial format with different units, e.g. cm or inches, celsius or Fahrenheit etc. based on the user preferences. Warning and error borders can be added.

Dates. Date and/or time formats. Users can select in what format they want to access these data. For example dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy etc.Warning and error borders can be added.

Text. Text data.

Choices. One choice or, in a multi-choice field, one or more choices. Different fields can be used: e.g. single choices with ‘a mouse click’, drop-down lists etc.

Randomise. The system supports stratified, block randomisation. The number of study arms, inclusion ratios etc. can be defined.

Files. This enables users to upload data. For example an X-ray image.

Questionnaires. Main goal is to get feedback from users or others. An invitation (including reminders) will be fully automatically send by email and they can fill-in the data directly via the secure connection into the data management system on e.g. PC (Mac/windows), Notebooks, Tablets or mobile phones. 

Apps: Specialised Apps can be developed, and data in the study and the App can be exchanged.

Calculated fields. Generates a result (new data) based on entered data. Complex calculations are possible including the use of functions.

Additional. Several non-data elements as labels, boxes, images etc. 


Furthermore, you can change text and color settings for forms and fields. Forms and fields can be made (in)visible based on data entered. Fields can be needed (have to be filled in) or not-needed, etc. It is even possible to define a study in several languages.


T&S Innovations is highly flexible, that is a key item in our unique concept. This implies that whenever you have a request for something the data management system does not include at this moment, we will implement it. For example, one of our customers wanted to perform a survey regarding the interpretation of medical video's. We implemented that, without any costs for the customer, and now all our customers can benefit from it.